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Following are some quotes and photos from former clients:

Having Megan's support during the weeks after our daughter's birth was wonderful. I had an unplanned C-section and several other obstacles that made the postpartum period more challenging than we'd anticipated, including difficulties with latching and nursing. Megan was calm, positive, and nurturing throughout, always offering gentle, helpful guidance. She was on-time, reliable, positive, and a joy to have around. I'll miss her support, but I'm very grateful that she has helped our family as we take these first tentative steps together. I'd highly recommend Megan to anyone expecting a new baby. —Jill

I had the pleasure to have Megan Davis as my postpartum doula for two weeks. After an emergency c-section giving birth to my late-term preemie, I was exhausted but I didn't realize how overwhelmed I would be with taking care of a newborn. I had taken a series of classes prior to my daughter's birth, but none of them completely prepare you for what it will be like once your baby arrives. The sleep deprivation and baby blues were challenging for me and when my husband returned to work Megan was a huge part of my success to transitioning to taking care of my daughter on my own. Megan is a great listener and non-judgemental. She both helped me to feel more confident in taking care of my daughter and was emotionally supportive to make me feel less anxious. She is a wealth of knowledge and provided many insightful tips and resources for me. As a mom of two children she can empathize with the challenges of being a new mother. Without asking she would make sure I was doing things to take care of myself, making me lunch, refilling my water bottle and accompanying myself and my daughter on short walks in the neighborhood. I highly recommend Megan to anyone in search of a postpartum doula. She is fabulous. —Melanie

Megan is a fantastic postpartum doula. She'll definitely be the first person we call if and when we have another baby. She provided our family with much needed support through the nights after bringing our first baby home. We instantly trusted Megan to take care of our little guy. She provided invaluable support and guidance for our family. We loved Megan's warm demeanor, always positive vibe, and thoughtful approach to supporting our family. She didn't just get the job done, she went above and beyond expectations to understand our needs, provide coaching to us, and to support our baby. She also did all the little things well like keeping the house tidy, giving us detailed recaps on the night, and providing helpful tips about baby gear. We're very grateful to Megan for her support and would highly recommend her to anyone in need of a postpartum doula.—Jenny

Megan was just what I needed. I had been having some issues as far as managing my time and feeling like such a complete zero. Megan came in and was very calm and had it together. I started out as a basket case and by the time she had left, I was a lot calmer myself. She made me feel really good about myself as a new mommy!—Rachel

I found Megan when I was pretty desperate for help. My 8-week old daughter was refusing to breast feed and I was incredibly depressed about it. Megan helped me do a lot of tasks that kept our household running, but more importantly, she talked me through all of the painful feelings I was having, validating my experiences as a new mother. In addition, she noticed that my little one had a slight tongue-tie, which she thought might be contributing to her inability to successfully breastfeed. Despite the many, many visits we'd had with lactation consultants, no one had noticed this. We followed up on this lead, and one week later breastfeeding had resumed, successfully! Megan brings a lot of experience, wisdom and compassion to her work as a doula, and anyone would be lucky to have her in their home in the difficult weeks following birth.—Jenny

Thank goodness, Megan was my postpartum doula! The first hiccup in my "well planned" birth experience was a very difficult birth which was a big contrast from my first baby's birth. Despite taking child birth classes again, an able partner, a birth doula, and midwife, the birth experience was a disaster. And I welcomed my new son with a heavy heart and a flood of emotions. Megan was just the kind of grounded presence I needed to process my deep disappointment. She offered encouragement and support. She referred me to a wonderful counselor. I credit Megan for not suffering from the postpartum depression I had with my first child after a very positive birth experience with him.

When the placenta encapsulation provider I had hired totally dropped the ball, Megan was able to quickly find another professional for this service. Her referral was outstanding and very helpful in those first few hours after we welcomed our son and didn't want to "research" a new person all over again during his precious first hours. About two weeks after our son's birth he developed respiratory issues that put him in the hospital. I was distraught. Once again, Megan was just the sort of calm support I needed. Medical concerns kept her away from our family physically for awhile. She bridged that gap nicely. She checked in frequently but was never a burden and always a source of support. Megan is extremely professional. The above are the major ways that Megan helped support me - emotional support, outstanding referrals, sound, grounding advice. But she also helped in small ways like making my bed (it felt very good to be cared for in that way), keeping me hydrated, taking some photos of our brand new family, making phone calls on my behalf. I'm so grateful Megan was able to support me and refer me to other wonderful professionals like herself so we could get the best start possible.—Sarah

Megan's support during this critical time enabled us to get our bearings as new parents and kept stress to a minimum. We appreciated her sharing her perspective as a parent herself as well as information gathered through her professional training and contacts. —Kate

Megan helped us in ways we didn’t even anticipate. There were the standard things like watching the baby while we took naps, but then there was the pleasant, welcome surprise of waking up to a clean kitchen and folded laundry when we hadn’t even asked her to do those things. She also is great at finding resources—any question that she couldn’t answer off the top of her head, she researched. She’s continued answering questions and sending useful info even after her last visit. —Becca

Megan was most valuable by helping me to balance the baby's needs with my own (such as sleeping and eating) and building my confidence that I was doing the right things. Megan was exceptional! —Bonita

 I felt very comfortable and confident in leaving Megan with both babies and it was wonderful having an extra set of hands to help out. She cooked for me a couple of times and gave the babies baths. —Sara

The resources she offered were so valuable to our needs—from counseling referrals to babywearing help to newborn care, etc. —Lila

It was a real pleasure having Megan work with me and my son. She was absolutely wonderful with him. She has a straight-forward approach and a nice sense of humor. I relied on her and trusted her 100%. She has been a big benefit to me in terms of helping me build my confidence and knowledge as a parent. —Elizabeth

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