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About Megan

I am a highly experienced professional who has assisted over 1,000 Seattle area families during the critical period after the birth or adoption of their baby, offering educational, emotional and practical support. I received my education through the DONA International approved Postpartum Doula course at Seattle Midwifery School - now Bastyr University's Simkin Center - in 2007 and am certified (qualify for Carrot reimbursement).

My goal is to help families have a smoother transition to parenthood by being a calm, knowledgable, and non-judgmental presence and by encouraging new parents to listen to their inner wisdom. I also like to use my sense of humor! I connect parents to community resources that will help them gain the support that they need for a richer experience. I especially enjoy working with first time parents.

Being invited into your home to help care for your family during this special time is an honor to me. Caring for and nurturing newborns is one of the best benefits of my job, and I also greatly enjoy supporting new parents and helping them learn to care for their newborns and become self-assured and confident in their new roles.

My own journey to parenthood began when my spouse gave birth to our first child in 2007. In 2010, I birthed our second child. As a parent, I understand personally how challenging it can be to adjust to a new baby and the life changes that they bring, whether they are your first or subsequent child. I especially enjoy working with families who are welcoming their first baby/babies and with LGBTQ+ families.

Professional Affiliations:

  • Staff Floor Doula at Swedish Medical Center First Hill, Postpartum
  • Advanced Postpartum Doula with Swedish Doula Program
  • Certified by Northwest Association of Postpartum Support

Continuing Education and Community Involvement

  • Staff Floor Doula, Swedish Medical Center First Hill, Postpartum Unit (2022-2024) 
  • Advanced Postpartum Doula, Swedish Doula Program @ Swedish Medical Center (2019-current)
  • Facilitator for Newborn groups, Connecting the Expecting groups, and LGBTQIA+ affinity groups at PEPS/Program for Early Parent Support (2009-current)
  • Postpartum Doula Mentor through NAPS Doulas and Swedish Doula Program (2016-2021)
  • Eastside Health Network Provider (2021-current)
  • Infant/Child/Adult CPR certification (2007-current)
  • NW Doula Conference 2008, 2010, 2012, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018
  • TransMasc Fertility and Birth with Kayden Coleman (2020)
  • Postpartum Psychosis: Reading and Conversation with Sarah Townsend (2020)
  • Pregnancy and Employee Rights with Angel James Horacek and Lindsay Halm (2020)
  • Pumping 101 for Doulas (2019)
  • Providing Postpartum Support to Families in Recovery NAPS Doulas (2019)
  • Am I Good Enough: When an Adopted Person Becomes a Parent with Spring Hecht NAPS Doulas (2019
  • Cultural Competency: Working with Diverse Populations in Maternal and Child Health with Shafia Monroe (2018)
  • Breastsleeping with Dr. James Mckenna (2017)
  • Understanding Perinatal Emotional Health of African American and Native American Mothers with Sherry Payne and Camie Goldhammer (2015)
  • MotherWoman Perinatal Support Group Facilitator Training (2014)
  • Help Beyond the Hospital Stay (2014)
  • GLBTQ Cultural Competency Training (2013)
  • The Normal Newborn class (2013)
  • Breastfeeding 201: What Doulas Need to Know (2013)
  • Placenta Encapsulation with Carrie Kenner (2012)
  • Working with People Who Have Experienced Birth-Related Trauma with Penny Simkin (2012)
  • Volunteered at Seattle Breastfeeding Medicine observing and participating with patient care (2012)
  • Postpartum Nutrition and Doula Cooking Training (2011)
  • DONA International 2008 Conference
  • La Leche League Professional Breastfeeding Conference (2008, 2011)
  • Postpartum Support International of WA Conference 2007
  • Ongoing training through NAPS, PALS and other organizations

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