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Postpartum Services

Gift certificates are available for postpartum services upon request and make a great shower gift! Paying for a doula provides loved ones a way to give practical help.

My role as a postpartum doula is fluid and changes with each family and during the duration of service, depending on your current needs. I will respect you, your family, your home, and your parenting style. My support enables you to parent at your best.

Your stress can be reduced with my educational, emotional, and practical support as we work to integrate your new family member in a healthy way that supports the needs of your whole family.

I typically support families through:


• Breast/chest feeding and/or bottle feeding

• Sleep suggestions for the whole family

• Demonstrating newborn care and information on normal newborn characteristics and behaviors

• Learning your baby's cues and communication

• Newborn soothing techniques

• Help and education with breast pumps

• Screening for hurdles such as postpartum mood and anxiety disorders and feeding challenges

• Helping you learn skills that will enable you to cope with your new responsibilities

• Providing referrals to appropriate profe  ssionals and support groups

Emotional Support

• Supporting you at a vulnerable time by offering a listening, non-judgmental ear

• Helping you develop your own style of nurturing and bonding with the baby

• Supporting growth in your parenting skills

• Validating the normal adjustment process

• Supporting you through postpartum depression and other mood disorders

• Fostering strong attachments between parents, baby and siblings

Practical Tasks

• Creating a nurturing, restful atmosphere in which you can eat, shower and sleep

• Accompanying you on outings such as to the doctor's office, etc. (can be especially helpful after a c-section)

• Practical help for adjustment of older siblings

• Providing suggestions and/or preparation of healthy meals/snacks

• Performing light household tasks of dishes and laundry

• Helping birthing parent to feel more comfortable and care for their postpartum body

Before the Birth—I am also available to:

• Help you come up with a personalized postpartum plan for your family

• Provide information on bottles, pacifiers and toy options

• Answer questions about baby equipment choices

• Help set up your nursery, changing and feeding stations

• Provide referrals to other professionals to address specific concerns

Availability and Payment

I am available for afternoon and evening support in the Seattle area and occasionally overnights. Please contact me for specifics. 

My in person rate is $65/hr with a 4 hour minimum. I require payment for hourly services rendered each work-week and accept cash, check, and Zelle.


Virtual visits are $100/hr and offered in 1 hour sessions through Zoom or FaceTime and payment will be paid in advance through Zelle.


Perinatal Support Washington

Kellymom: Breastfeeding and Parenting

International Cesarean Awareness Network

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