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How will you remember your early days as a parent?

I support parents and help them feel informed and confident in their decisions as they begin their parenting journey or add a sibling.

This is often a time filled with much joy, but it can bring challenges as well. Having the right nurturing during this transition helps family members adjust to their new roles and relationships more smoothly. The many tangible benefits of my support can include fostering a stronger attachment between parents, baby, and siblings; more successful infant feeding; and a reduced risk of developing a postpartum mood or anxiety disorder

You won't regret an investment in your early parenting. My goal is your empowerment through compassionate, emotional, and practical care.

Whether your baby has already been born or is still on the way, I would enjoy speaking with you about your needs and how I might guide your family in adjusting more smoothly to your new adventure.

Ready to meet and get to know each other? To schedule a 30 minute virtual visit and learn more, click here .

"Megan was calm, positive, and nurturing throughout, always offering gentle, helpful guidance."

"She helped me feel more confident in taking care of my daughter and was emotionally supportive to make me feel less anxious."

Serving ALL families.

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