Megan E Davis, Certified Postpartum Doula  - Nurturing and supporting new and growing families
Welcome and congratulations on your new baby!

Adding a new baby (or more than one!) to your family is an intense experience.  It is usually a time filled with much joy, but it can bring many challenges as well.  Having the right nurturing during the postpartum transition period helps family members adjust to their new roles and relationships more smoothly and has many tangible benefits including fostering a stronger attachment between parents and baby. 

A postpartum doula supports you emotionally, reducing your risk of developing a postpartum mood disorder; practically, helping you learn how to care for and soothe your newborn and assisting with minor household tasks; as well as providing education and referrals to community resources. 

Whether your baby(ies) have already been born or are still on the way, I would enjoy speaking with you about your needs and how I might be of help to your family in adjusting to your "new normal".

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Serving ALL families including GLBT and adoptive.

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