Megan E Davis, Certified Postpartum Doula  - Nurturing and supporting new and growing families
Following are some quotes from former clients and colleagues:
Megan is an amazing postpartum doula.  She counseled my husband and me on many issues like: getting our baby to sleep longer, helping her take a bottle, helping her go down for naps, and finding different ways to soothe her.  She also took care of our daughter so that we could take a break! She had a wonderful way with our fussy baby! She did laundry, washed dishes, gave me glasses of water while I was nursing andbrought sanity to our stressed out household with her calm spirit and great sense of humor!  —Lisa, mom to E.
Megan's support during this critical time enabled us to get our bearings as new parents and kept stress to a minimum.  We were very happy with Megan's promptness, attention to detail and willingness to pitch in and do whatever was needed.  We appreciated her sharing her perspective as a parent herself as well as information gathered through her professional training and contacts. 
                       —Kate, mom to J. and B.
Megan helped us in ways we didn’t even anticipate. There were the standard things like watching the baby while we took naps, but then there was the pleasant, welcome surprise of waking up to a clean kitchen and folded laundry when we hadn’t even asked her to do those things. She also is great at finding resources—any question that she couldn’t answer off the top of her head, she researched. She’s continued answering questions and sending useful info even after her last visit.  —Becca, mom to E.
Megan was most valuable by helping me to balance the baby's needs with my own (such as sleeping and eating) and building my confidence that I was doing the right things.  Megan was exceptional! 
                                   —Bonita, mom to H.

I know Megan to be a person of integrity.  She has an excellent knowledge of resources for families in our community. She creates relationships that are non-judgmental and supportive.  Her demeanor is thoughtful and she uses her wit and sense of humor wisely.  She is a gifted teacher and challenges herself to continue to attain more information and knowledge in her field.  We are fortunate to have Megan as a valuable partner in the network of postpartum support for new families in our community.  —Ann Keppler, RN, MN (Co-Author of Pregnancy, Childbirth and the Newborn and Facilitator of Bith and Beyond's First Weeks program.)
 I felt very comfortable and confident in leaving Megan with both babies  and it was wonderful having an extra set of hands to help out.  She cooked for me a couple of times and gave the babies baths.  —Sara, mom to L. and J.
The resources she offered were so valuable to our needs—from counseling referrals to babywearing help to newborn care, etc.  —Lila, mom to M.

It was a real pleasure having Megan work with me and my son.  She was absolutely wonderful with him. She has a straight-forward approach and a nice sense of humor that she used when she played with him. I relied on her and trusted her 100%. In addition to caring for my son, she took care of other things without asking—his laundry, washing his bottles, etc.  She has beena big benefit to me in terms of helping me build my confidence and knowledge as a parent. 
                                          —Elizabeth, mom to I. 

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